A cigar workshop to shatter stereotypes.

Boris Crestia’s introduction to smoking came through cigars, which quickly became his exclusive choice. The initial experience may not have aligned with his expectations, but it ignited a deep passion for cigars and the rich culture surrounding tobacco (cigar blending, rolling, and tasting). This led him to co-found Togo’s first cigar club, a pivotal moment that transformed his trajectory. Boris seized each opportunity to expand his expertise and cultivate his passion, from engaging in Cuban cigar trading in West Africa to receiving specialized training in Cuba as a Torcedor (highly skilled and specific way of rolling cigars). His love for cigars also took him from the renowned tobacco fields of Vignales, Cuba, to the vibrant landscape of East Java’s tobacco fields. Throughout his journey, Boris eagerly embraced opportunities to learn, grow, and share his extensive knowledge and passion.

« Often compared to wine, cigars are considered by amateurs and connoisseurs as the ultimate form of elegance and tasting. If some see cigars as a social statement, it’s first a personal and intimate journey, recruiting the 5 senses », says Boris. 

He adds, « Actually you don’t ‘smoke’ a cigar in the sense that you don’t need to inhale to enjoy. You puff, keep the smoke in the mouth and release the most unexpected aromas: wet earth or dry tea, roasted coffee or dark chocolate, licorice or even leather… generally the first effect, is a dry taste, sometimes short and powerful. Then a more subtle yet deeper taste gives hints of what is unfolding next. And that’s just the warm up. Tobacco leaves, according to their origin, the soil, sun and water they grew with, can provide a large variety of experiences. Add to this the various ways of rolling and you open a world of possibilities. Just like wine or perfume, a cigar has conversation. And what it says after you light it up and take your first blow is generally different from what it reveals as long as you keep the conversation going… and listen with your nose and palate ».

When Boris created the very first extensive cigar workshop in Bali, his goal was simple: unveil the rich culture, etiquette, and knowledge behind the myths about cigars. Workshop guests get a multiple experience: touch and feel authentic leaves from the most reputed lands, smell and classify unexpected scents and aromas, select leaves and create a unique combination when rolling their own cigar, cut their vitola different ways, light up and blow like a real connoisseur…

A handcrafted luxury collection for the most demanding cigar aficionados.

Tireless traveler & cigar lover, Boris Crestia first tailored the original CW accessory, a leather holster bag, with Vincent Chiesa for his own personal needs and expectations. Something functional, yet elegant and robust. Later, he also created his own cigar hand pouch. The first models were strengthened, improved and refined along years of daily use.

Today, through a fully handcrafted collection using leather (Travel Humidor, Cigar Pouches, Holster bags) and wood (teak/epoxy resin Ashtrays), Boris invites you to discover a whole World, a passion and a lifestyle, entirely made on the Island of Gods, Bali. 

An exclusive line of custom products with handmade patina in Paris now completes the collection and set CW the top of cigar custom handcrafted luxury goods creator.